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A short user guide for posting, editing and deleting publications for developers

To place a new development, it is enough to click the "New Development" button in the user's administrative panel and a tab to add the development will open in a new window. The "Title" and "Development text" fields (hereinafter text) can be filled directly in the editor or selected, copied and pasted into the corresponding field from another source. You must delete the original formatting with the Tx button, after inserting text from Word or other extraneous sources.


To view an article on the site, just click on its title. You can edit and delete the development using the corresponding buttons in the admin panel:

Functions not included in the standard package:

  • First left - code snippet. Allows you to insert the program code. To use it, select the programming language in the window that opens and add the code without the programs tags - php, script, etc. The result is below:
$rsupd = $mysqli->query("UPDATE pubs SET cmt='$cmt' WHERE id='$id'");
$rsrtng = $mysqli->query("SELECT t,a, COUNT(a) FROM count GROUP BY a,t HAVING a>0 AND t=2 ORDER BY COUNT(a) DESC");
$rowrtng = $rsrtng->fetch_assoc();
  • The second on the left is the image loading. When activated, a window will appear with a field for placing a link to the image. Then click on the "Select on server" button:

  • In the browser window that appears, select the image (1), upload it to your directory (2), and select the downloaded file (3) for the location. The file name corresponds to the download date and time.

  • The link to the file will be entered in the start window with the mini picture and the width and height parameters of the file. IMPORTANT !!! Delete the value from the width field (to display the picture correctly):

  • When downloading a flash video, it is recommended to remove the check boxes in the automatic playback and loop windows. Also, remember that CONTENT SHOULD BE EXCLUSIVELY AUTHOR'S and its size should not exceed 30MB.

  • The interface with the table and links is intuitive;
  • When downloading the archive, specify the protocol https: //. A link to the archive can be hidden under the spoiler by filling out the "Display text" field. Uploading an archive is similar to images uploading.

  • The downloaded video files must be in HTML5 format, namely: mp4 (H.264 + AAC) or ogg / .ogv (Theora + Vorbis). Other formats will not be played. To convert to the desired format, you can use a free Miro Video Converter or another with similar functionality. In the start window, select the file type:

Questions can be asked in any available way. All the best!



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