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A short user guide for posting, editing and deleting publications for authors of articles

Your career is in your hands! To become a successful author and to eat the fruits of the work of one's own mind is not so difficult. The first idea of abilities gives a summary and author's portfolio.


To create a summary(1) a template is used, and its text and photos can always be changed.


To create an author's article, just click on the "New article" button(2) in your admin panel. To edit(3) or delete(4) an article, you can click on the necessary buttons in the line with the title of the article, and to view the article on the site - just click on its title(5) in the "Title" column.

To work with the contents of the "Article text" field, a text editor with standard and additional features is used. You must delete the original formatting with the Tx button, after inserting text from Word or other extraneous sources.

Using additional functionality (from left to right):

  • You can download a picture from a remote source to your folder on the server in a browser that opens in the window after clicking on the "Browse Server" link:

  • The order of image selection and upload is indicated by numbers. For one combination (1) - (2), one picture can be selected and downloaded. When clicking on any picture in the browser (3), a link to it is loaded into the start window. The name of the image corresponds to the date and time of its upload:

  • Before posting the image in the article - IMPORTANT !!! Delete the value from the width field (to display the picture correctly):

  • The order of work with the table symbols and references is understandable from the inscriptions in the startup windows;
  • To load archives (zip, rar, tar), in the start window you need to select the protocol https: //. In order to hide the link to the archive under the inscription, use the field "Display text". For downloading, click "Browse Server". Then we proceed the same way as when uploading images. IMPORTANT!!! SIZE OF LOADED FILES NOT MORE THAN 30 MB !!!

  • When downloading flash video (swf), it is recommended to disable the autorun of the video when the page is opened and its cyclic playback:

  • Before downloading video files, make sure they are in HTML5 format (.mp4 (H.264 + AAC) or .ogg / .ogv (Theora + Vorbis)) Other formats will not be played. To convert to the required format, use the free Miro Video Converter or another with the same functionality. In the start window, select the file type:

  • You can ask the questions in the chat (available in the adminpanel) or by using the "Write us" service in the sites footer. Good luck in your creative endeavors !!!




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